this is sarah- self critique.

when trying to decide what to do for this final project, i was drawn to the photos sarah took for her second project. she wrote a narrative for each of the items she took a picture of, and i thought that it might be cool to just pick one object and have her record a narration. her story about the pill bottle was very intriguing, so i had her tell me the story in more detail. i also had her tie in her lens, in that she “looks at life as a series of roads”. i originally thought about doing some sort of stop motion for the visuals, but seeing as the story itself was so serious, i felt the visuals needed to be more lighthearted. so, i decided to illustrate sarah’s story. i wanted the video to be one long continuous shot just sped up, but unfortunately my camera shut off when i was almost finished (for no apparent reason) so there is one quick jump cut. i also struggled with trying to get the video and audio to line up, but i am ultimately happy with the way it turned out. i filmed the video and audio using my canon t4i, and i edited using adobe premiere.

though not a new media artist, the idea for drawing the visuals was inspired by josh sudquist. he is an author, youtuber, motivational speaker, and paralympic athlete. in an effort to promote his book, he read and illustrated chapters from it, and posted them on youtube. i thought this was a very interesting approach, and decided to do something similar with sarah’s story.

here is one of josh’s videos:

and of course, the other inspiration comes from the one and only sarah. here is the photo that inspired this project:


this is funny- self critique.

this project was actually inspired by a joke i had with my friends. i was on tumblr the other day, and came across a photo of a chihuahua wearing merida’s wig, from the pixar movie “brave”. i thought it was hilarious, and so did all of my friends. one of my best friends is a ginger, and so me being me, i thought it would be hilarious to photoshop the chihuahua over her face in a picture. so i did. and it got almost fifty likes on facebook. i included that picture in my project, seeing as the picture of the dog had over 50,000 notes on tumblr, and has gone viral there. i also incorporated two more popular memes: overly attached girlfriend and grumpy cat. i really liked the look of just subtly changing one person’s appearance and just leaving everyone else in the picture happy and smiling, so that is what i did. i think they turned out pretty well, the only thing i would have done differently is start sooner so i could have made more. and, as always, these are all pictures of my friends.

this is map- self critique.

for this object interface project i decided to make a google map. since all of my project so far have focused on relationships, i decided to ask a bunch of my friends for pictures of themselves in fun and interesting places, and i pinpointed them on the map. i used yellow pinpoints for people who had been places in the past, blue for people who went there this year, and aqua for where people are now. making this map was actually quite easy, as google maps now has an app that makes everything very simple. you just pick your points, add text, and then it gives you an html code to post it. i’m very happy with how this project came out. i think if i were to do it again, i would just ask each person for one place they’ve been in the past, somewhere they went most recently, and where they are now. i would also try and get even more friends to participate.

this is an article i found about google maps. it tells you all the new features that google has recently added, and how you can use them. i found it to be very interesting because my project was focused around maps. there are a lot of very interesting things you can do with google maps. check out the article here:

this is my face- self critique.

i initially struggled to come up with an idea for this project. since i seemed to have created a theme of relationships, i really wanted to keep that going, but was not sure how to do so since this project was supposed to be all about me. i eventually thought of snapchat: the app you use to send pictures of yourself/ your surroundings to give friends and family a visual update of your day. i decided to use pictures i already had on my phone, so that i was using events that actually happened, and it was not just something that i staged. i also made sure that each photo was taken by me, using the rear facing camera on my iphone, as to stay true (and quite literal) to the project. i then created a template of the snapchat screen in photoshop (which took a lot longer than expected), and from there simply added in the photos i wanted to use, and text that i would have sent if the photos had been real snapchats. i also created a “contacts” screen for each photo, so you could see what that screen probably would have looked like at the time, and i adusted the time on the iphone clock to represent what part of the day this picture would have been sent. i was really happy with the way the pictures turned out, and now have the random skill of being able to fabricate fake snapchats (that look pretty legit, if i do say so myself).

in regards to the reading we did for this project, i found keith cottingham’s “triplets” to be very interesting. for my project, i fabricated fake snapchats, and the fact that cottingham created realistic looking people out of nothing is absolutely incredible. it is amazing the types of things that technology and some creativity can produce. without any context, i would have thought that cottingham’s creation was simply a photograph of three young boys. you can check the work out for yourself here:


another work from the reading that i found interesting was rose freeland’s “beauty”. i was initially intrigued because i love disney, and belle is one of my favorite princesses. when i searched the work, i was actually a little creeped out. the juxtaposition of the artists’ own feautures with the ceramic belle is striking to say the least. taking it even further than that, the fact that she is cleaning a circuit with a liquid based cleanser makes the photo even more confusing and disorienting. i almost feel as if “belle” is looking me straight in the eye before attempting to electrocute herself on the circuit. it makes me feel uncomfortable, because belle is something out of my childhood, and this is not how i think of her in the slightest. here is a picture of freeland’s work:

a classmate’s blog that i found was fairly similar to mine was noah kachman’s. the main similarity was in project two. noah titled his project “museum of daily things and obsessions”, while my project (titled “this is mine”) consisted of my favorite gifts i had received from good friends. i originally thought of doing what noah did by choosing items that i used every day an could not live without. i did not go that route in the end, but the items that i did choose are still things that i use, or at least see every day. they main similarity between our projects was that we both photographed a starbucks cup. mine was a frappucino that a friend had bought for me and his was representative of something he drank every day, but they are still both coffee. i think this is very representative of our generation/ college age adults in general, as many of us depend on coffee throughout the day. i enjoyed browsing through noah’s blog, and think that he’s done some nice work. here is a pircture of noah’s blog:
Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 5.44.53 PM

this is mine- self critique.

all of the objects i chose fall under the category of “my favorite things that were given to me by other people. there as so many things i can in my room right now that were gifts from other people, and each of them has a story to tell. though they say giving is better than receiving, it is still pretty nice to get a thoughtful gift from someone you love. i knew i wanted this blog to be all about me, so i thought it would be great if my projects could reflect that. i think that the objects i chose really reflect who i am: they show you what i like, and the text i paired with it tells you why. i did not have to do research for this project, though i did have a tough time choosing six favorite items out of the dozens i have. i am really excited about the subjects that i did end up choosing, however, and think the pictures turned out well. i went for a yellow background because my blog is yellow. i am not a huge fan of how the picture of the ring turned out because it was so small, and reflected off the yellow of the background. all in all, however, i think everything works well together. i used my canon rebel t4i to take the pictures, and photoshop to edit. in uploading the photos, i chose to do an endless scroll, because i personally like that format the best. other websites i use regularly such as facebook and tumblr use endless scroll as well, so it is something that i am already familiar with, and is in my opinion the best way to present anything on a website.

i came across mary flanagan’s work while searching the web for new media artists. since i was about ready to go to sleep, i clicked on something on her website titled “[the perpetual bed]”. a work from 1998, it is actually a type of virtual world that simulates flanagan’s grandmother’s experience as she drifted in and out of consciousness in a hospital bed. it is a mix between video, animation, interactive art, and installation. the game is not available to be played, but there is a sample vimeo video available to watch. thinking the concept itself sounded interesting, i watched the video. its actually quite creepy, and reminded me a lot of the video from “the ring”. if that is what its like to be old and unconsious, i really hope i stay forever young. needless to say, it did grab my attention and was interesting. below is a screen grab from the video, and here is a link to mary flanagan’s description and video of the project:


since the above work intrigued me so much, i continued to peruse flanagan’s website, and came across a board game she created entitled “career moves”. A kind of “chutes and ladders” meets “operation”, “career moves” leads players on the journey of a woman within the work force. the “operation” like portion comes into play with objects that are embedded in the game board. upon failing to retrieve these objects when instructed, players hears samples of self help dialogue specifically aimed at women withing the work force. i found this game to be a very interesting way to bring attention to and poke fun at all women have to do to try and succeed in the work force today. it is also very representative of how easy it can be to fail. if only life could be as simple as a game of “chutes and ladders”. below is a picture of the board game, and here is a link to what mary flanagan has to say about her piece:


this is post.

in creating my blog, my main goal was to have a fun appearance. i chose the balloons theme because i liked its cute and whimsical feel. i found designing the blog to be quite easy. i stumbled across the theme i chose right away, and i instantly fell in love with it. i tweaked with the colors a little bit, finally settling with a sort of aqua and yellow, which is the color scheme of my dorm room. after getting the initial design done, i created my “about me” page, which consists of photos of my friends and i. this is something i have done before on my tumblr. i like this better than simply writing about myself, because i feel that my friends have shaped me into the person i am today. and of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. no part of this project was really inspired by anyone else. i wanted the blog to describe me completely, and i think i have accomplished this. i like things to be short and to the point— hence the “this is…” theme i kind of have going on. i am very happy with the way my blog has turned out.