this is mine- self critique.

all of the objects i chose fall under the category of “my favorite things that were given to me by other people. there as so many things i can in my room right now that were gifts from other people, and each of them has a story to tell. though they say giving is better than receiving, it is still pretty nice to get a thoughtful gift from someone you love. i knew i wanted this blog to be all about me, so i thought it would be great if my projects could reflect that. i think that the objects i chose really reflect who i am: they show you what i like, and the text i paired with it tells you why. i did not have to do research for this project, though i did have a tough time choosing six favorite items out of the dozens i have. i am really excited about the subjects that i did end up choosing, however, and think the pictures turned out well. i went for a yellow background because my blog is yellow. i am not a huge fan of how the picture of the ring turned out because it was so small, and reflected off the yellow of the background. all in all, however, i think everything works well together. i used my canon rebel t4i to take the pictures, and photoshop to edit. in uploading the photos, i chose to do an endless scroll, because i personally like that format the best. other websites i use regularly such as facebook and tumblr use endless scroll as well, so it is something that i am already familiar with, and is in my opinion the best way to present anything on a website.

i came across mary flanagan’s work while searching the web for new media artists. since i was about ready to go to sleep, i clicked on something on her website titled “[the perpetual bed]”. a work from 1998, it is actually a type of virtual world that simulates flanagan’s grandmother’s experience as she drifted in and out of consciousness in a hospital bed. it is a mix between video, animation, interactive art, and installation. the game is not available to be played, but there is a sample vimeo video available to watch. thinking the concept itself sounded interesting, i watched the video. its actually quite creepy, and reminded me a lot of the video from “the ring”. if that is what its like to be old and unconsious, i really hope i stay forever young. needless to say, it did grab my attention and was interesting. below is a screen grab from the video, and here is a link to mary flanagan’s description and video of the project:


since the above work intrigued me so much, i continued to peruse flanagan’s website, and came across a board game she created entitled “career moves”. A kind of “chutes and ladders” meets “operation”, “career moves” leads players on the journey of a woman within the work force. the “operation” like portion comes into play with objects that are embedded in the game board. upon failing to retrieve these objects when instructed, players hears samples of self help dialogue specifically aimed at women withing the work force. i found this game to be a very interesting way to bring attention to and poke fun at all women have to do to try and succeed in the work force today. it is also very representative of how easy it can be to fail. if only life could be as simple as a game of “chutes and ladders”. below is a picture of the board game, and here is a link to what mary flanagan has to say about her piece:



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