this is my face- self critique.

i initially struggled to come up with an idea for this project. since i seemed to have created a theme of relationships, i really wanted to keep that going, but was not sure how to do so since this project was supposed to be all about me. i eventually thought of snapchat: the app you use to send pictures of yourself/ your surroundings to give friends and family a visual update of your day. i decided to use pictures i already had on my phone, so that i was using events that actually happened, and it was not just something that i staged. i also made sure that each photo was taken by me, using the rear facing camera on my iphone, as to stay true (and quite literal) to the project. i then created a template of the snapchat screen in photoshop (which took a lot longer than expected), and from there simply added in the photos i wanted to use, and text that i would have sent if the photos had been real snapchats. i also created a “contacts” screen for each photo, so you could see what that screen probably would have looked like at the time, and i adusted the time on the iphone clock to represent what part of the day this picture would have been sent. i was really happy with the way the pictures turned out, and now have the random skill of being able to fabricate fake snapchats (that look pretty legit, if i do say so myself).

in regards to the reading we did for this project, i found keith cottingham’s “triplets” to be very interesting. for my project, i fabricated fake snapchats, and the fact that cottingham created realistic looking people out of nothing is absolutely incredible. it is amazing the types of things that technology and some creativity can produce. without any context, i would have thought that cottingham’s creation was simply a photograph of three young boys. you can check the work out for yourself here:


another work from the reading that i found interesting was rose freeland’s “beauty”. i was initially intrigued because i love disney, and belle is one of my favorite princesses. when i searched the work, i was actually a little creeped out. the juxtaposition of the artists’ own feautures with the ceramic belle is striking to say the least. taking it even further than that, the fact that she is cleaning a circuit with a liquid based cleanser makes the photo even more confusing and disorienting. i almost feel as if “belle” is looking me straight in the eye before attempting to electrocute herself on the circuit. it makes me feel uncomfortable, because belle is something out of my childhood, and this is not how i think of her in the slightest. here is a picture of freeland’s work:

a classmate’s blog that i found was fairly similar to mine was noah kachman’s. the main similarity was in project two. noah titled his project “museum of daily things and obsessions”, while my project (titled “this is mine”) consisted of my favorite gifts i had received from good friends. i originally thought of doing what noah did by choosing items that i used every day an could not live without. i did not go that route in the end, but the items that i did choose are still things that i use, or at least see every day. they main similarity between our projects was that we both photographed a starbucks cup. mine was a frappucino that a friend had bought for me and his was representative of something he drank every day, but they are still both coffee. i think this is very representative of our generation/ college age adults in general, as many of us depend on coffee throughout the day. i enjoyed browsing through noah’s blog, and think that he’s done some nice work. here is a pircture of noah’s blog:
Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 5.44.53 PM


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