this is map- self critique.

for this object interface project i decided to make a google map. since all of my project so far have focused on relationships, i decided to ask a bunch of my friends for pictures of themselves in fun and interesting places, and i pinpointed them on the map. i used yellow pinpoints for people who had been places in the past, blue for people who went there this year, and aqua for where people are now. making this map was actually quite easy, as google maps now has an app that makes everything very simple. you just pick your points, add text, and then it gives you an html code to post it. i’m very happy with how this project came out. i think if i were to do it again, i would just ask each person for one place they’ve been in the past, somewhere they went most recently, and where they are now. i would also try and get even more friends to participate.

this is an article i found about google maps. it tells you all the new features that google has recently added, and how you can use them. i found it to be very interesting because my project was focused around maps. there are a lot of very interesting things you can do with google maps. check out the article here:


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