this is sarah- self critique.

when trying to decide what to do for this final project, i was drawn to the photos sarah took for her second project. she wrote a narrative for each of the items she took a picture of, and i thought that it might be cool to just pick one object and have her record a narration. her story about the pill bottle was very intriguing, so i had her tell me the story in more detail. i also had her tie in her lens, in that she “looks at life as a series of roads”. i originally thought about doing some sort of stop motion for the visuals, but seeing as the story itself was so serious, i felt the visuals needed to be more lighthearted. so, i decided to illustrate sarah’s story. i wanted the video to be one long continuous shot just sped up, but unfortunately my camera shut off when i was almost finished (for no apparent reason) so there is one quick jump cut. i also struggled with trying to get the video and audio to line up, but i am ultimately happy with the way it turned out. i filmed the video and audio using my canon t4i, and i edited using adobe premiere.

though not a new media artist, the idea for drawing the visuals was inspired by josh sudquist. he is an author, youtuber, motivational speaker, and paralympic athlete. in an effort to promote his book, he read and illustrated chapters from it, and posted them on youtube. i thought this was a very interesting approach, and decided to do something similar with sarah’s story.

here is one of josh’s videos:

and of course, the other inspiration comes from the one and only sarah. here is the photo that inspired this project:


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