this is funny- self critique.

this project was actually inspired by a joke i had with my friends. i was on tumblr the other day, and came across a photo of a chihuahua wearing merida’s wig, from the pixar movie “brave”. i thought it was hilarious, and so did all of my friends. one of my best friends is a […]

this is map- self critique.

for this object interface project i decided to make a google map. since all of my project so far have focused on relationships, i decided to ask a bunch of my friends for pictures of themselves in fun and interesting places, and i pinpointed them on the map. i used yellow pinpoints for people who […]

this is my face- self critique.

i initially struggled to come up with an idea for this project. since i seemed to have created a theme of relationships, i really wanted to keep that going, but was not sure how to do so since this project was supposed to be all about me. i eventually thought of snapchat: the app you […]

this is mine- self critique.

all of the objects i chose fall under the category of “my favorite things that were given to me by other people. there as so many things i can in my room right now that were gifts from other people, and each of them has a story to tell. though they say giving is better […]

this is post.

in creating my blog, my main goal was to have a fun appearance. i chose the balloons theme because i liked its cute and whimsical feel. i found designing the blog to be quite easy. i stumbled across the theme i chose right away, and i instantly fell in love with it. i tweaked with […]