this is becky.

“… be careful the friends you choose, for you will be like them.” w. clement stone

i wouldn’t be who i am today without my friends. so this is them. and they are me.

this is kylie. she is one third of my perfect trifecta of best friends.

this is megan. she is the other third. we’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

this is emily. she is my big sister in my sorority. and my big sister in real life, if you disregard the fact that we don’t technically share any parents.

this is alyssa. they say laughter is the best medicine, so she must be my doctor.

this is kasi. she is my sister, my brother, and one of my best friends.

this is richa. our friendship is old enough to drive a car, and we share a birthday. she is my twindian.

this is marie. she is my mother and my best friend. i can tell her anything.

this is caroline. she is one of the best friends i made in high school. i strive to be as awesome as she is.

this is tori. she is my roomie and my sister. i strive to be as successful as she is.

this is hailey. former roomie, and currently one of my best friends. we both play the ukulele and make beautiful musics together.

this is aly. she is the first friend i made in college. nothing would be the same without her.

this is joy. she is the happiest person i know. ain’t nothing that can get me down when joy is around.


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