this is mine.

project #2

“the manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” -pierre corneille

everyone loves presents. here are some of my favorites. from my favorite people. with the best stories.


this is drizzle. she was given to me by one of my best friends, kylie. we got her from build-a-bear the summer before we both went off to college. we named her drizzle after a joke from our favorite tv show, glee. she is our child, so we share custody and trade her off during holidays. drizzle also has two step brothers: igor, who is currently in maryland, and severus, who is spending the semester in mississippi.


this is neville, my favorite ukulele. i have four of them. my mom gave me this one for christmas three years ago. i also have a ukulele i got this summer in hawaii named stitch, my first ukulele named luna, and a banjolele. but neville is my favorite, and he goes everywhere with me.


this is my grandmother’s engagement ring. her name was ginny. she passed away when i was in kindergarten. this was supposed to be my sixteenth birthday present, but my parents forgot. so i got it last year, for my nineteenth birthday. it is one of my most prized possessions. i wear it every day.


this is my quill box. i keep my sorority badge inside. one of my sisters, alyssa, crafted it for me. the memories that come with the terrible paint job greatly outweigh any other perfectly decorated craft i may own.


this is my lavalier. my big sister in my sorority, emily, gave it to me exactly one year after we became big and little. it shares a chain with a heart charm i got for my sixteenth birthday. i wear it every day.


this is a (mostly finished) pumpkin spice frappucino from starbucks. my friend henrietta bought it for me. coffee is always one of my favorite things.


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